Monday, February 16, 2009

How To send these Free Art Ecards and Egreetings?

Do you love Greeting cards and wondering how can you send an e card from this ecard blog?

Almost all these artistic ecards that you find in this greeting cards blog 'Free Art Eacrds' are designed by me. These are some thoughtful art from my heart - and that's how the title of my e cards blog is justified. Well, I am not a technical person and know the least about the codes and programming. For sending my ecards and designs just click on the e card images, which will open the ecards in a separate page. Just save it on your desktop and send an e card through email as attachments. I am sure if s/he is expecting more than just some traditional greeting cards, these artistic ecards are the best to show your truest feelings. These e cards are for you... absolutely free!

If you are missing your love... just send an ecard and you can chant a magic spell on him or her. Sprinkle some grains of happiness in your love's life.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free Ecards I Love You - Textured Love Greetings

I Love You - the three magical words are so powerful that can change your world. If she is expecting something more than just a phone call or some artistic SMS this Valentine's Day, this I Love You card is the the right one for you! Hey... go ahead and reach out to your sweetheart with your rosy love; spread the aura of your presence around him/her. Send free ecards to say the three little words - you know 'I Love You'. Click on the love ecard image and it will open into a crystal clear I Love You ecard.

I Love You ecard Send free ecards ecard image I Love You ecard Free Ecards I Love You Love Greetings love ecard


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Miss You Card - The Best Way To Say 'Life is Blue Without You'

I am sure you will like this work of mine. Here's another 'Blue Without You' ecard that Dev like very much. If you are really missing your love these days, when the world is going gaga over the Valentine's Day germs, this might be the right miss you ecard for you. Sending this miss you ecard can really mark a difference in your love story, especially when s/he is expecting something special.
right miss you ecard Miss You Card Life is Blue Without You Valentine's Day germs missing your love


Blue Without You - Missing You Ecard

Valentine's Day is right around the bend and love virus have afflicted millions across the globe! While a zillion of people are planning to freak out with their loved buddies, a huge part of the world's lovers' population is missing their love madly. Here's how to let your love know how much you miss him or her. Just click on the 'Blue Without You' ecard image, which opens it up to the original card. Send it to your love through email as an attachment. This miss you ecards is really going to put a special touch to your relationship.

Blue Without You Missing You Ecard Missing you card Missing you on Valentine's Day Love greeting cards miss him ecard image


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Express Your Love With This Love E card

Wondering how to let your love know why and how much you love him/her? Silence speaks louder than words! Just send this beautiful Valentine's Day card to let your love know that you love him/her not because what s/he is, but because what you are, when you are with him or her! I made this love greetings for you and would be more than happy if you use my artwork to touch his or her heart. Click on this image and save it on your computer. Send it to your love through email... I am sure you will make your sweetheart love you even more!

love cards love card love ecard i love you valentine's day card express love ecards


I Hate You Card - Show How Much You Love By Saying I Hate You

The idea came in my mind when Samantha said Dave, "I hate you". You know, when she said she hated Dave, it was because she wanted to let him know how much she love you. She loves Dave with such a passion that unhinges her soul. How could she stay without Dave? If you are in love and away from your sweetheart, I know how painful it is! Send this ecard this Valentine's Day to say "I hate You" because special one is away from you on Valentine's Day.

If you really want to let your love know that you hate him/her, this hate you card is the right one. Just click on the images and it will open up to a full Valentine's Day ecard. Copy this image and send it out to your love.


Happy Valentine's Day Wish: Valentine's Day Greetings

Hey... here's another marvelous work on Valentine's Day! Dev did this with his fullest dedication. He's a great designer... not his peeps say this; his work is the proof. He has been trying to showcase his works since some times back and shared his thought with me. I am sure you guys are going to like his work. This beautiful Valentine's Day ecards are absolutely free like the other in the site. Just click on the images and it will open up to a full Valentine's Day ecards. Copy this image and send it out to your love.

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Free Valentine's Day Ecards; Missing you On Valentines Day

With the big day of love edging near fast, the web seems to be buzzing with all love searches. People are going mad over the three little words - you know - the 'I Love You'. Someone said it true... if love is mot madness, love is not love. So here's something that could be appropriate for the Valentine's Day.
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