Monday, February 16, 2009

How To send these Free Art Ecards and Egreetings?

Do you love Greeting cards and wondering how can you send an e card from this ecard blog?

Almost all these artistic ecards that you find in this greeting cards blog 'Free Art Eacrds' are designed by me. These are some thoughtful art from my heart - and that's how the title of my e cards blog is justified. Well, I am not a technical person and know the least about the codes and programming. For sending my ecards and designs just click on the e card images, which will open the ecards in a separate page. Just save it on your desktop and send an e card through email as attachments. I am sure if s/he is expecting more than just some traditional greeting cards, these artistic ecards are the best to show your truest feelings. These e cards are for you... absolutely free!

If you are missing your love... just send an ecard and you can chant a magic spell on him or her. Sprinkle some grains of happiness in your love's life.


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